The Mall luxury outlet welcomes the Florentine masters

L'Outlet del lusso The Mall accoglie i maestri fiorentini

The artisans present their work

From 9 September to 27 October The Mall hosts Italian Maestro: an initiative promoted together with Oma - Osservatorio dei Mestieri D'Arte, directed by Maria Pilar Lebole - and the Editorial Group which gives voice to the excellence of Florentine craftsmanship by combining the place of elegant shopping with the culture of tradition made in Tuscany.

A magnificent opportunity for fashion and culture to meet in which we were able to make our history known and share the art of marbling with guests from the most varied countries.

Four days in which our paper decoration with its unique and colorful pieces intrigued, amazed and fascinated an international audience who in just a few minutes saw the transformation of a simple white sheet into a "marbled" one.

It was an opportunity for us to explain the work that we have been carrying out for so many years with passion and dedication, and which always arouses great emotion and empathy in us and in those who listen to us... and so it was!

Our sheets are the starting point for the creation of our objects: contemporary products and at the same time with ancient charm. Each of these is unique and is capable of giving that subtle pleasure of owning something exclusive.

The uniqueness of the unrivaled object conquers the hearts of the high fashion public; innovation and tradition travel across borders with guests of The Mall.

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