Il Papiro, a blog: but why?

Il Papiro, un blog: ma perchè?

Past, present and future of paper marbling in Florence

“ - Good morning, welcome, is this your first time entering one of our stores? Do you know The Papiro? Everything you see is handcrafted here in Florence in our workshop. We are one of the few historic shops still present and we carry on the tradition of paper marbling"

This is how Il Papiro presents itself to its guests, with sociability and education, letting it filter through the eyes and initial words of those who represent it that those objects, in that beautiful fine paper so well displayed, elegant and refined, hide something more than the usefulness they can have in their being, they guard a soul, in some way they "speak to us".

Well yes, the objects of Il Papiro speak: they contain the memory of an ancient artistic tradition (reserved only for book binding) which has been transformed into artisanal innovation giving life to unique and quality objects that accompany us today as then in our everyday life .

From all this arises the need to tell and to tell oneself, to give a face and a voice to what the Il Papiro company has been able to recover, rework and above all carry forward from that distant December 1976 to today.

Talking, showing, showing, making known with a blog what is an Italian excellence in the world with its objects, its decorations, its anecdotes, but also its techniques and above all its people, those who bring it alive the il Papiro.

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