Who we are


Papyrus was born in Florence and is synonymous with the excellence of Italian quality for the production of hand-decorated paper, still carried out according to the artisanal processing methods and techniques of the 17th century tradition, of which we are custodians and witnesses in the world.
The quality of the materials and the reintroduction of ancient procedures of master craftsmen, such as
the marbling of the paper and the xylography have contributed to the success of Il Papiro and its decorated papers since the last century.
The Papyrus is the testimony of a reality that, today as then, promotes tradition and projects itself into the future thanks to its flexibility and ability to renew itself every day.


The love for beauty and attention to detail come together in our products, thanks to the passion and wisdom of the master craftsmen.

Each piece that comes out of the Florence laboratory is therefore unique and creates an indissoluble space-time bond between paper lovers and our history.


Il Papiro's excellent production, still carried out according to traditional methods and processes, ranges from objects entirely covered in marbled paper such as bookbinding articles (diaries, notebooks, address books, photo albums); desk accessories (pencil holders, letter holders, memo holders, photo frames and boxes of various shapes and sizes) and sheets of marbled paper, writing papers, tickets, place cards, ex libris, without forgetting the leather objects with a classic taste

Papyrus in the world

Il Papiro opened its first store in Via Cavour in Florence on Christmas Eve 1976, consolidating its success with other stores in Italy including Venice in 1985. The brand's notoriety strengthened throughout the world with the opening of two stores overseas, in Palm Beach, Florida in 1993 and in Melbourne, Australia in 2002.

The Il Papiro shops are the point of reference for paper lovers: the charm of the writing papers, the tickets, the books on display, allow you to discover and touch the taste of the excellence of Italian quality and the mastery of Florentine artisans .

Today Il Papiro distributes its products in its stores in Italy and around the world. The layout of each of them is taken care of down to the smallest detail, to maintain and export the elegant image and pleasant atmosphere typical of Florentine shops, without making it alien to the urban fabric and tradition in which it is located.

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