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Il Papiro has its origins in Florence and is an example of Italian excellence in craftsmanship where Italians are world-class founders and leaders. Il Papiro produces handmade decorative paper, which is still made with the same methods and techniques used in traditional 17th century artisanry.

The quality of materials and the reintroduction of the same antique techniques used by master craftsmen, such as paper marbling and woodcut, have added to the Il Papiro and its handmade decorative paper success since the last century.

Today, as in the past, Il Papiro is the proof of a reality which promotes tradition while projecting itself into the future thanks to its flexibility and ability for constant renewal.


The love of beauty and attention to detail come together in our products, thanks to the passion and expertise of master craftsmen.

Each piece produced in the laboratory in Florence is therefore unique and creates a timeless bond between paper lovers and our heritage.


Il Papiro’s production of excellence and unique objects is still carried out using traditional methods and techniques.

Products range from coated marbled paper objects such as book-bound items (diaries, notebooks, planners, photo albums) to desk accessories (pen holders, letter trays, sticky note holders, photo frames and different sized and shaped boxes). They also include handmade marbled paper, stationery products, greeting cards, place cards, ex libris book plates, not to mention classic-style leather items.

Il Papiro's shop all over the world

Il Papiro opened it's first shop in Via Cavour in Florence on Christmas Eve 1976, consolidating its success with other shops in Italy including Venice in 1985. The brand's awerness strengthened worldwide with the opening of two overseas shops, in Palm Beach, Florida in 1993 and Melbourne, Australia in 2002.

Today, Il Papiro distributes its products in its own brand stores in Italy and all over the world. Each one has been set up paying attention to every single detail in order to recreate and export the elegant and charming aspect of the typical traditional Florentine artisan shops without alienating them from the context of whichever urban setting they find themselves in.

The Il Papiro stores are a reference point for all paper lovers: the allure of stationery paper, greeting cards and books, allow one to discover the excellence of Italian quality as well as see the expertise of Florentine artisans first-hand.

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