Relief printing

La stampa a rilievo

The desire for a distinctive sign, what distinguishes us

“Create your own style. Let it be unique and instantly recognisable.” says Anna Wintour.

It almost seems like a counter-current choice but ultimately it is what we are all looking for today.

Surrounded by a uniformity of models and consumption, we feel the need for exclusivity inherent in each of us growing, looking for something particular that reflects us.

And so when special events arise we want to be remembered, we want "the best of the best", something tailor-made for us that is tasteful, unique, modern but also a timeless classic.

Relief engravings have a warmth, elegance, and degree of detail superior to any other printing process.

This is a very ancient artistic printing technique and is obtained by compressing the support to be printed - for example a ticket or a sheet of paper - between two metal matrices (punches), one of which is relief (cliché) and one is hollow ( countermatrix). The relief effect is created when the paper is pressed between the two.

The relief is significantly enhanced by the complexity of the design.

When the matrices are produced, our art masters perform embossed engravings on the metal plate which, when compressed, form the desired design. Their skills and long experience give life to finely detailed characters and shapes.

Engraving is also particularly suitable for special occasions such as wedding invitations, but also for simple thank you notes and business cards that can be personalized with a logo or initials, to signify your uniqueness.

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