The Letter Carrier

Il Portacorrispondenza

The object that makes the difference

The letter holder has always been an essential accessory in which to collect and organize mail, especially at work. Always included inside the desk set, it has contributed for years to making every table tidy.

With a rounded or elegantly wavy back, the letter holder is one of the symbolic objects of Il Papiro, studied in its shapes for an aesthetic but at the same time practical function.

It is built with a wooden core and has shaped compartments lined with marbled paper.

To bring our letter holder to life requires the mastery of three craftsmen, the carpenter, or master case maker as it was called in ancient times, who shapes the shape, the master decorator who marbles the paper and finally the craftsman wrapper who finishes the work.

Each piece is handmade "to perfection", without the slightest flaw: the paper is cut, glued and joined without a joint or a small air bubble being visible, the corners are clean and perfect.

Despite the advent of technology, the letter holder has not gone out of use, indeed next to the computer, the mouse or the mobile phone, the object that holds the most varied "reminders" still dominates the table today.

We also often see it in homes, above a piece of furniture in the entrance rather than in the kitchen, however clearly visible to remind us of deadlines, but not only those.

From theater tickets to shopping lists it helps us not to forget and keep everything under control.

Our object is ready, it is there to be looked at and above all used: an orderly helper in our hectic life.

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